Alles tot im Bauernhimmel - Unplugged
Alles tot im Bauernhimmel - Unplugged 

Ralf  Weihrauch schließt sich den Whisky Priests an

Ich freue mich sehr darüber, dass ich nun Teil einer Legende werde. Vor wenigen Wochen kam der Anruf Gary Millers, ob ich mit den Whisky Priests die Reunion Tour 2018 spielen würde. Ich habe nicht lange gezögert und  zugesagt.
Viele Jahre, lange bevor ich wieder als Musiker aktiv wurde, habe ich in den 90ern europaweit die Tourneen der Whisky Priests organisiert. 2005 habe ich das Album Stand Fast - Stand Steady mit Gary Miller herausgebracht. 

Die Whisky Priests kommen aus dem County Durham, dem Kohlenrevier Englands. Da ich aus dem Ruhrgebiet komme, bestand gleich eine Seelenverwandschaft. Nun brenne ich darauf , mit den alten Kumpels auf der Bühne zu stehen und die europäischen Bühnen zu rocken.



Ralf Weihrauch joins the Whisky Priests

(from the Official Whisky Priests facebook Site)

Due to a series of unforeseen personal circumstances, Glenn will now no longer be taking part in the Reunion Tour. We are delighted, however, to welcome on board our good friend Ralf Weihrauch who will be joining us as accordionist. Ralf's association with the band goes back a long way. He was our booking agent for Germany throughout much of the '90's, as well as fulfilling a vital sub-managemnt role which helped us develop our profile and reputation in a major way, particularly in Germany. Although publicly unacknowledged, Ralf was a major cog in The Whisky Priests wheel and very much an additional behind-the-scenes member of the band throughout our peak period. Also, in 2005, he collaborated with Whisky Priests lead singer Gary Miller on the duo album 'Stand Fast, Stand Steady'. Hailing from Germany's industrial coalmining heartland and with a lifelong passion for the traditional folk music and song of North East England, there is no doubting Ralf's Whisky Priests credentials. A highly accomplished and dedicated musician, and a great guy to boot, we cannot think of anyone we would rather have with us on the tour. We know the accordion role is in extremely safe and capable hands and are excited by the prospect of what Ralf will bring to The Whisky Priests sound and stage show. "Ralf, it's wonderful to welcome you back into the fold, mate!"




Ralf Weihrauch


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